About Us

Bark N Ball is a small business located in Great Ottawa Area, Ontario, dedicated to serving fellow dog enthusiasts. Our passion for dogs extends to actively participating in various dog events, including agility competitions, flyball tournaments, disc games, and more. We find great joy in being part of the thrilling world of canine sports and activities.

At Bark N Ball, we prioritize providing our valued customers with affordable and high-quality dog sport gear. We understand the importance of having reliable equipment that enhances the experience and performance of both dogs and their handlers. Our goal is to offer a range of products that meet the needs of dog sport enthusiasts while maintaining affordability and uncompromising quality. Whether you're a professional trainer or a passionate pet enthusiast, our meticulously selected range of dog gear is tailored to fulfill your specific requirements. 

We offer a wide range of dog agility equipments, including tunnels, weave poles, and more. Each piece of equipment is crafted with durability, safety, and versatility in mind, ensuring that you can create challenging and engaging courses for your pets. Our products are made from premium materials that are built to withstand rigorous training sessions and frequent use.

We take pride in providing customization for everything, allowing you to showcase your dog’s unique style with our range of personalized pet supplies, including dog tug toys and custom collars and leashes.

At Bark N Ball, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and are available to address any questions or concerns you may have. We believe that your success and your pet's progress are really important, and we'll support you every step of the way.

Thank you for considering Bark N Ball as your go-to source for dog sport gear. We eagerly look forward to serving you and your furry companions as you embark on an exciting journey within the world of canine sports and activities.



Bark N Ball