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[Pre-Order] Half-Transparent Anti-Slip Agility Tunnel

[Pre-Order] Half-Transparent Anti-Slip Agility Tunnel

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Introducing the perfect blend of safety and excitement for young canine explorers—the Half-Transparent Anti-Slip Agility Tunnel. Designed with precision to cater to baby dogs' budding agility skills, this tunnel is also an ideal choice for captivating demo events. Its half-transparent design offers a peek into the adventure within while ensuring a secure grip with its anti-slip surface, guaranteeing both fun and safety. Get ready to witness boundless energy and skillful navigation as pups embark on thrilling adventures through this innovative tunnel, making every event a memorable success. 

This tunnel is only available for special order and it takes 3-4 months to arrive. The available colour can be chosen from: grey, blue, yellow. The pitch colour is available in yellow, blue, black and red. 


Diameter: 24"

Pitch: 4"

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